Comprehensive E-comm marketing

We are setting up all business processes and advertising companies to achieve and increase sales

Advantage of our partnership:
focus on the client and their needs

Individual approach

The choice of optimal solutions for every task taking into your wishes

High quality work

Advanced and up-to-date technologies, as well as qualified specialists, will ensure the effectiveness of the predicted expectations

Price policy

We offer the opportunity to offer the highest possible cost and time of work, taking into account the competitive environment

How do I choose a marketing Agency?

  The problem with the overwhelming number of marketing agencies is that large orders are outsourced, and the quality of work suffers. Small agencies are tied to a few specialists who can’t concentrate their efforts due to the large number of projects.

 Our team is primarily focused on long-term partnerships. In this regard, we initially decided to form groups of specialists within the team for each client, without overloading the volume of work and not giving the project to third-party outsourcing.

 The goals that we pursue in working with our partners are to increase the demand for goods (services), as well as correct brand positioning.

Work process



We will create an effective business promotion strategy



Maintaining advertising sources based on the adopted strategy



Analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns based on sales data



Creating reports in a convenient way



Online promotion in network and search engines, social networks, and product aggregators


Prototyping and structure development, design , layout, programming


Full range of integration within the project


We will prepare recommendations for increasing sales


Our clients are people whose opinion and desire will never be ignored.

Attracting target users using advertising sources

Increasing of online sales on the site through promotion in social networks

Increasing of an active users in the application

Increasing of an online requests on the website

Increasing of an online requests on the website

Increasing of target users of the website


Our team is a combination of professional experience accumulated over many years of work with a modern approach to project implementation

Internal and external business audit

Introduction of advertising campaigns for branding and promotion of goods and services

Individual approach and flexible pricing policy for our partners

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